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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  January 4, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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>> we were shouting at the top of our voices. the shut off the light inside the bus. >> the friend of the woman who was gang raped in india tells his terrific story. hello and welcome to al jazeera, live from doha. our other top stories. a show of palestinian unity. mass ruled gaza celebrates the founding of fatah.
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a call on rebels in the south african republic to stop their advance on the capital. getting some of the relief they need, the u.s. congress approves almost $10 billion in aid for victims of hurricane sandy. the first hand transplant in the uk. the man said it is going to transform his life. for the first time, the friend of the woman who was gang raped in new delhi has been speaking of their ordeal. he said he tried to defend his companion, who later died of her injuries. there were left lying in a street, begging for help. we cannot identify him, for
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legal reasons. >> his 23-year-old was raped, beaten, and thrown from a moving bus. he cannot be identified for legal reasons. >> we were shouting at the top of our voices, trying to make people hear us, but they had switched the lights in the bus off. we tried to resist them. even my friend kept shouting for help and fought with them, trying to save me. she tried to dial the police number, but they had smashed her mobile. they threw us out of the bus, and even tried to run as over. >> and he said the attack lasted 2.5 hours. five men have been charged. authorities are holding a sixth man, believed to be a juvenile. >> they tried to run as over. we did not have our clothes on.
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we kept asking for help. it would slow down, look at our naked bodies, and drive away. nobody came to help us. it took over 25 minutes before someone stopped. finally, someone turned up, made a few phone calls. a couple of police vehicles arrived at the scene. but they wasted time debating which police station had jurisdiction. >> the case has caused anger and protests across india. in response, the government has set up a fast track court to deal with assaults against women. the description of this attack will no-doubt and put additional pressure on the government. charles stratford, al jazeera. >> the venezuelan presidents health condition seems to have taken a turn for the worst. he is due to be sworn in for a
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new term in was than a week, but he may not be well enough to attend. there is concern about the delay. others want to know why he has not been seen in public since having cancer surgery. >> it has been almost a month since people in venezuela have seen or heard hugo chavez. people have not seen a picture or heard a phone call from the president. there are lots of rumors and speculations going around. the minister of communications announced the president was suffering from a severe lung infection. this week, the president received a visit in havana from the vice president, the president of the national assembly, and his older brother. for many, this is an example of the gravity of the situation. many wonder whether the president will be back for his inauguration on january 10. there is a debate going on about what will happen in this country.
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hugo chavez is alive but not able to come back. the opposition demands to know what kind of cancer job as house, where it is located. they want to travel to havana to confirm the president's health. this attention will probably increase on saturday, when the national assembly convenes its legislative leaders. >> tens of thousands of fatah supporters have been celebrating its anniversary. hamas allow the event to go ahead, despite ongoing tensions between the two sides. palestinians see the move as a possible step toward unity. >> the yellow flags have not been flown so boldly in the gaza strip for five years. for one day on friday, he
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replaced those of the ruling group, hamas. it marks the 48 anniversary. next year pushed fatah forces out of the strip. hamas has always taken a harder line against israel, while fatah took part in peace talks. after years of bitter rivalry, relations have improved somewhat. fatah, controls the west bank, allowed hamas to hold several rallies there as a goodwill gesture. >> we need to focus on ending the occupation. fatah can claim it has the biggest support. hamas can do the same. we need to move in the direction of ending the occupation. >> both groups are celebrating
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what they consider as recent gains against israel. fatah sees the recent upgrading the the of a status at the u.n. as a diplomatic coup. the mood is one of defiance against israel. >> today is when the palestinian revolution started, and the palestinian freedom started, and the military resistance started. it is a cheerful day for all the palestinian people. >> leaders on both sides made cautious gestures of reconciliation, with fatah and the palestinian authority members giving a recorded address. supporters used to be more likely to attack each other than celebrate together. the fact that hamas is allowing it to take place on its territory is a sign of some solidarity.
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al jazeera, jerusalem. >> it has been another day of fierce fighting in syria. these pictures, shot by activists, are said to show, an air strike. opposition activists are reporting government attacks in several suburbs of damascus. they say these pictures show the effects of an air strike. this is certainly what happened when fighter jets hit a suburb. al jazeera teams reached the outskirts of the capital. this is what they saw. >> on the face of it, this is another game of street football. the truth is, these lives are far from ordinary. these are opposition rebels, taking a break from putting the government forces in the suburbs of damascus. even the seemingly normal pastime is a chance.
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>> while we play, there are those guarding the highway. this is a form of exercise for us. >> a few kilometers away, the bombardment is relentless. the rebels seem encouraged by the territorial gains that have made in recent weeks. >> we have managed to liberate 95% of the region of the damascus suburbs. we have taken control of several military check points, and captured a number of airports bases in the area. >> there are a number of front lines in the battle for damascus suburbs. al jazeera accompanied some of the rebel fighters as they were guided through holes in blown out his walls. it is the safest way to move from house to house and avoid government snipers. >> the rebels may be heavily outgunned in their fight
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against the army, but the plant each attack as a interesting which it as intricately as possible. >> there are three frontlines. government forces have been trying to penetrate one of these lines for three months now, but have failed. >> this is just 4 kilometers from areas under rebel control. it is the highest point overlooking the syrian capital. for that reason, the military has amassed there in huge numbers. for them, it is far too valuable to lose. for the rebels, it is the gateway for entering damascus in the push to defeat their enemy. >> the u.n. security council is calling on fighters in the central african public to pull out from sea to towns. rebels are expected to meet next week in when a bomb. -- in gambon.
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>> as the poverty-stricken capital, of around 0.75 million people go to another night of fear, there is talk in military and political circles of peace. talks are geared to try to get an agreement about the government of national unity. the president says he is confident he can do that, but there are pitfalls ahead, it would seem. many are warning that communications are not good enough. there are at least four rebel groups involved in this coalition. they may not be present at the conference. not only that -- there are divisions among these groups, and not a common cause. the have had a history of conflict among themselves. getting a formula together to end this of band -- to end this advance, which has taken the whole of the north of the country under the command of
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rubles -- that is unsure, realistically. but they insist that a military, political, and diplomatic level that there is some sort of blueprint coming together to end this conflict. there are warnings from an international force that if the rebels advanced on the capital, that is a declaration of war. some say it is war already. the president, who came to power in a coup d'etat a decade ago, could face the same fate himself. >> the number of child soldiers in the central african republic is rising. an emergency coordinator for the country is now in cameroon. she says both sides are involving children in the conflict. >> right now, we have a series of credible reports -- reports that children are being recruited by both armed forces, in areas in control of the armed
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group, but also in the city. we are concerned about 6 feet -- about children that may have been displaced and separated from their parents. we are also concerned about children living on the streets and those formally associated. and we do not have specific figures regarding the current recruitment. we have over one dozen 500 children that were still associated with armed groups. since 2007, we have been able to negotiate the release of negotiate the release of
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>> let us recap the headlines. for the first time, the friend of a woman who was gang raped in new delhi has spoken out about their ordeal. he spoke about his attempt to save his friend, and accused the syrian police of apathy. psychological warfare over hugo jobless -- chavez's health. he has not men seen since his cancer surgery. fatah is celebrating its anniversary in gaza. how mass of the celebration to go ahead. it is being seen as a possible sign of unity between the groups. there have been more demonstrations by sunnis in iraq.
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hundreds of thousands gathered in several cities over the last few days. the protests are over alleged discrimination by the shia government. >> hundreds of thousands of people in provinces across iraq turned out to accuse the government of discriminating against him. in felucca, banners -- falujah, banners stood out. these people hope that the shia and other iraqis will join their protests in baghdad. in a coordinated prayer, clerics called for help. >> , meat -- do you see with your eyes these crowds? tell the world that we came out because of injustice. our uprising is peaceful.
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>> protestors denied government claims that the mass rallies were sectarian. >> he called the protests thinking. he sphinx. >> there are no sectarian slogans. the prime minister is trying to harm these protests and their organizers. >> the government released women who were being detained. >> the protesters are not satisfied with the government decision to release, 14 female prisoners. they say it is not enough. why are also defying the prime minister to use force against them. >> the prime minister seems to have changed his tough tone. in a statement, he said the protesters have the constitutional right to demonstrate. he also called on his partners to help preserve civil peace. but he shifted the blame on to parliament, and called on it to do with protesters' demands. but the mass rally seemed to have expanded.
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friday marked one of the biggest days of demonstrations that have taken part in the last two weeks in at least 15,000 cities across the country. they are calling for equality and the end to the targeting of zunis. when nothing less. -- sunnis, nothing less. >> a prominent shiite cleric reached out, to a mosque in baghdad. he also went to the catholic church attack in 2010 by sunni fighters. >> we have learned a big lesson from this church and our brother christians in iraq. want to return to peace than confront the terrorists who want to split religions in iraq. >> the leaders of sudan and south sudan are meeting in addis about a -- abbaba to negotiate
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border disputes. pseudonym and south sudan came close to war last year over the disputes. both accused each other of supporting rebels in each other's territories. talks are expected to continue on saturday. oil production is expected to rise significantly, with several new projects being launched. many nigerians say the increase is unlikely to and fuel shortages blamed on corruption in the industry. marketria's black business is thriving. motorists have little choice. i have to buy the fuel at higher prices from the young man pedaling it on the roadside, or indoor long queues of filling stations, up to 24 hours. why this should be happening in the world's sixth largest oil producer is a question many ask.
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the anti-corruption authority concluded investigations into the oil sector. >> we produce 14 million barrels of crude oil daily. people, to get the product for their daily use -- it is very embarrassing. >> it exposes the extent of the problems in the industry. >> a lot of money is being made up of the confusion and corruption. the people are also the contractors. >> stealing oil is a major problem in nigeria. the problem is reaching a crisis
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level. 250,000 barrels of crude oil have been stolen every day. the oil industry is an opaque mix of numbers. nobody knows which are correct. official records show that nigeria produces more than 2.5 million barrels of oil a day. but the figure could be much higher. >> we could produce a million barrels of crude oil today. it is possible. nobody knows. >> however, some are optimistic that the crisis in nigeria's oil sector can be resolved >> if the government is ready, it could be solved within three weeks. >> it will require an overhaul of a notoriously corrupt and inefficient industry, which
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funnels millions of dollars to government officials. >> a nepalese army officer who has been arrested and charged in the uk over allegations of torture will face court on saturday. the government has summoned britain's top diplomat in katmandu over the arrest. the crimes were reportedly committed during the decade after the maoist insurgency ended in 2006. a shooting spree at near manila. among those killed was a 17- year-old girl and a pregnant woman. china has called on myanmar to stop its. footage from the area appears to show, military aircraft dropping bombs in the area. the region borders china. some good news for the u.s. economy.
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official figures showed it has just added 155,000 jobs in december. the unemployment rate remains at 7.8%. job opportunities came mainly in health care, manufacturing, construction, and food service sectors. this is after the u.s. congress passed a last-minute deal on taxes and spending. the u.s. financial regulator is suing to the banking giant jpmorgan $2.2 million, accused of misrepresenting mortgage- backed securities sold by washington mutual to credit unions. when the value of the securities collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis, so did the unions. this is the third such lawsuit filed against jpmorgan since june 2011. the u.s. congress has finally passed a relief package worth nearly $10 billion to the victims of hurricane center. it follows complaints from
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politicians over delays, of its approval. >> greg has done what he can to make his home livable, but two months after hurricane sandy lifted it off its foundation, his family is still sleeping in his friend's basement. he is still waiting for a payment from his flood insurance company so he can hire contractors to finish crucial repairs. >> i have been waiting too long for this money. i am out of my own money. my savings is completely gone. >> he is not the only one. throughout his staten island, rows of homes sit and see as their own and -- as their owners wait. with funding about to run out, he vote on a $60 billion aid package was delayed by the u.s. congress. the delay angered sandy victims and state officials who represent them. >> 66 days and counting.
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shame on you. shame on congress. >> on friday, a politician stung by criticism did approve 91 $7 billion for insurance claims. that is just a fraction of the funding requested. >> 70 days. unprecedented. this region has not been treated like the other regions in need of help. >> i think it was horrible that the speaker did not bring this bill up. the whole package that addresses the hurricane since the release in the lame-duck session, in the last two days of congress. >> a fight is looming over the remaining money needed for long- term rebuilding. critics complain that some of the money has been earmarked for other projects unrelated to the storm. >> we need to get the pork out. none of the port is in new york, new jersey, or connecticut. in fact, it is as far away as
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alaska. >> those waiting to go home are disgusted by the lack of urgency. >> they should have to move out of their house and live with their mother in laws, and we will see how quick they get results going. >> many look for help were they can get it. every day, volunteers come to do what they can to help. the message from local residents is that leaders in washington need to show the same level of commitment. >> a man in the u.s. state of kansas who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is shocked that he may have to pay child support. >> no good deed goes unpunished. >> william signed an agreement with the women that he would not be considered the father of the child, but kansas state has filed a petition seeking for him to be financially responsible after the couple encountered money difficulties. the pakistanis schoolgirl who
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was shot in the head by the taliban has been discharged from the hospital. she will have to return to the hospital for more surgery to repair the damage to her school. she is a prominent campaigner for girls education in pakistan. >> , they all look to her as one of the persons who have bravely stood, despite her age. it is against this barbarism. they look to her, and she is determined to continue her mission, which is to say she is following in the footsteps of [indiscernible] >> doctors say a him transplant patient is making progress. >> mark had suffered a paralyzed
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hand as a result of years of gout, and was told after christmas that a suitable match was available. >> the feeling as to started to come back. everything is looking very good. it is doing well. >> hand transplants were pioneered in france in the late 1990's. the doctors say they kept in close touch with french experts during the procedures. >> he had a functionalists hand before, no function at all. over the next six months to a year, we expect to see recovery of movement, recovery of power. >> he will be able to eat by himself, get dressed, feel his grandson's hand in his. >> i might be able to cut my food up, but some my shirt, fasten a pair of shoelaces.
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>> as well as needing more medical help, it will be understandable if he needs psychological support to get used to looking at somebody used to looking at somebody else's hand on the end of


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